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High-performance titanium drilling, in one shot

Press release, September 2022, Mikron Switzerland AG, Divison Tool

Titanium is a high-performance material and poses a chip removing machining challenge. Also, not all titanium is alike. Depending on whether it is pure titanium or alloyed titanium, the chip removing process behaviour differs. Mikron Tool has come up with different drill series that are perfectly tailored to the various titanium grades allowing to machine them safely with higher cutting performance results and longer tool life.

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Working within the limits of the material

One of the features of bar turning machines is their ability to produce long parts that generally exceed the limit of 2.5 times the diameter. This is a key feature and this feat is made possible thanks to the guide bush, a central component along with the machine spindle used to drive the bar.
The bar turning principle is that the tool is fixed and the bar moves along the Z-axis, in contrast to fixed headstock turning machines where the tools are mobile.

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For each titanium the right drill!

Press release, September 2022, Mikron Switzerland AG, Division Tool

The high-performance material titanium poses a chip removing machining challenge. Also, not all titanium is alike. Depending on whether it is pure titanium or alloyed titanium, the chip removing process behaviour differs. For these challenges, Mikron Tool has developed drills perfectly tailored to the respective titanium grades, which can machine titanium safely, with higher cutting performance results, longer tool lives and excellent hole quality.

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Mikron Tool

Press Release August 2022

Micro milling cutters with new high-performance geometries

The new CrazyMill Cool Micro with integrated cooling is a new type of high-performance micro milling cutter for roughing and finishing difficult-to-machine materials. It is available in diameters from 0.2 to 1.0 mm (.008″ – .039″) with a milling depth of up to 5 x d.
Thanks to material-specific cutting edge geometries, which were specially developed for the different machining behaviour of materials, the new micro milling cutter combines excellent cutting ability with high stability. The result is a significantly higher removal volume with high shape accuracy and a longer tool life. A “small” world sensation!

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Whirling for excellent sound quality

Music makes people happy one moment and can bring them to tears the next. It can help drive people to peak performance in sports, or make them anxious. But one thing that music never does is leave you cold. And the guitar evokes more emotion than virtually any other instrument. Whether around a camp fire or at a rock concert in a stadium, the way guitars work is always the same. Schaller GmbH, based near Nuremberg, has been dealing with the functioning of this plucked instrument for over 75 years. During this time, the company has become the world market leader in guitar parts. With modern machinery, the team led by plant manager Dominik Weininger turns and mills the precise components required to produce excellent sound quality. It also relies on the internally cooled whirling system from Tübingen-based Paul Horn GmbH.

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SWISSNANO: Welcome to generation X

Bolstered by the success of the SwissNano 4 and its big sister, the SwissNano 7, Tornos has decided to further extend the SwissNano range with the launch of the SwissNano 10. As its name indicates, the machine now has a 10 mm capacity, enabling the scope of available workpieces to be expanded even further. Workpiece lengths of up to 100 mm can now be machined.

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