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CUT X series of wire-cutting EDM available worldwide

April 21, 2022

Media Release, Biel, Switzerland, April 2022

The AgieCharmilles CUT X wire-cutting EDM machine series, first announced at EMO Milano 2021, is now available worldwide, providing extreme accuracy in a simple and fast way.

With the new high-end CUT X series, GF Machining Solutions makes use of its over 100 years of experience in wire-cutting EDM. The new CUT X series in the Pininfarina design, which includes the CUT X 350 and the CUT X 500 machines, features new technologies that significantly increase operating precision. The machines are capable of holding extreme pitch positioning and contouring capabilities for superb part quality, making them suited for stamping, molding and micro-machining applications in the electronic components (EC), medical and automotive markets.

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