Fourth generation: Blaser presents a versatile metalworking fluid: Blasocut 201

Media Release, Hasle-Rüegsau, 3. April 2024

For more than 40 years, Blaser Swisslube has been writing a real success story with the Blasocut product family. The metalworking fluids with their unique bio-concept, boast an impressively wide range of applications, as well as excellent human, environmental and machine compatibility. Following an intensive research and testing phase, Blaser Swisslube is now launching the first in the fourth generation of Blasocut metalworking fluids. Blasocut 201 was developed for job shops and small series and is just as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife.

Naturally stable Blasocut 201
Christoph Fankhauser, Product Manager from Blaser Swisslube AG and Dany Fankhauser, CEO from Fankhauser Engineering AG

Swiss metalworking fluid specialist Blaser Swisslube presents Blasocut 201, the first in the fourth generation of Blasocut metalworking fluids. Following a successful laboratory phase and an impressive field test with twelve Swiss customers on a total of 20 machines, the new product will be launched.

“The various Blasocut metalworking fluids have been used successfully for more than 40 years. Blasocut 201 meets our stringent expectations for a modern emulsion with a bio-concept with flying colors,” says Christoph Fankhauser, Product Manager for Water-miscible Metalworking Fluids at Blaser Swisslube. “Foaming behavior and machine cleanliness have been significantly improved when compared with earlier generations. Its outstanding rinsing behavior ensures clean machines and parts. Job shops will love this all-rounder since Blasocut 201 is just as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife!”

Environmentally friendly and skin-compatible
Like all metalworking fluids in the Blasocut family, the new product is free of formaldehyde and boric acid. The emulsion supports the growth of benign water bacteria, thus preventing other, undesirable microorganisms from growing in the occupied habitat. As a result, the emulsion remains stable. This is the Blasocut Bio-Concept. “That’s why the Blasocut metalworking fluids that we have been continuously developing for decades now are characterized by particularly good human and environmental compatibility, as well as robustness and a long service life,” explains Fankhauser.

An all-rounder
Blasocut 201 was developed especially for job shops. This entails small series, varying materials, different machining operations and all water hardness levels. Christoph Fankhauser: “Blasocut 201 is a modern, mineral oil-based, water-miscible metalworking fluid that offers excellent cutting performance, material compatibility, foam control, cleanliness and stability. We unreservedly recommend the product for milling, turning, drilling, reaming and thread cutting and forming parts made from aluminum, steel, special steel, cast iron, copper alloys and plastics. Blasocut 201 can be used in individually filled machines as well as central systems.”

Tested to the limit
Extensive tests in Blaser’s in-house laboratory demonstrated not only above-average performance, but also good foaming behavior as well as material and machine compatibility. In a second step, the product was field tested with a dozen Swiss customers on 20 machines. As part of this, a wide mix of materials was machined in various processes. Water hardness and the metalworking fluid concentrations used also varied greatly. “The field test lasted one and a half years. We can proudly report that there were no problems throughout the entire test phase. The machine cleanliness and good rinsing behavior were praised in particular. Blasocut 201 scored highly in terms of staining on aluminum – the aluminum compatibility is perfect,” says Fankhauser happily.

Blasocut with Bio-Concept – gentle to people and the environment

Ideal for job shops producing small batches in a variety of materials.


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