Maximum flexibility succeeds

A report by Peter Lehmann AG

Complementary CNC axes make contract manufacturer a match winner

Samuel Werder AG is a renowned contract manufacturer with a focus on precision engineering. In order to be able to respond optimally to different customer requirements in milling, many of the 38 CNC milling/drilling centers are equipped with additional, mostly two-axis CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN. «The machining solutions are relatively inexpensive and usually available quickly, and the five-axis capability thus gained gives us maximum flexibility,» explains Managing Director André Stäger in an on-site interview.

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Laser solution with two different wavelengths

A report by GF Machining Solutions Management SA


The AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 U Femto Flexipulse, specifically designed for aesthetic and functional Laser texturing, integrates a laser source that allows using two different wavelengths. It achieves repeatable results in a single solution for texturing parts for watches, jewelry, small inserts, cutting tools and micro machined workpieces.

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Milling and grinding center unites economy and precision

A report by Fehlmann AG

The requirements for economical and precise production and, therefore, high process reliability continue to increase. In this context, Fehlmann AG is presenting a concept that combines milling, hard milling and coordinate grinding in one machining center. This is a concept that impresses through economy, precision and simple programming.

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Precision and Dynamics in Fehlmann’s New “Flagship”

A report by Fehlmann AG

A portal design and an even bigger machining area with corresponding travel distances and ball screw drive that come very close to the acceleration and rapid traverse of linear motors are the highlights of the new VERSA 945 machining center from Fehlmann. Presented for the first time at the exhibition in November 2020, it combines precision and reliability to become even more versatile.

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Four Key Characteristics of High-Quality Production Equipment for Today`s High-Tech Connectors

A report by Massimiliano Domeniconi, Vice President of machine sales, Mikron Corp

The connector market is continually evolving. Requests across multiple high-reliability market segments, including the medical, aerospace, and e-mobility industries, are now demanding smaller high-current connectors. These connectors require higher precision machining, as well as compliance with new environmental regulations that require the abolition of lead from connector component materials, which can make machining more difficult and hinder mass production.

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Three shifts – only one manned

A Report by Erowa AG

Focusing on a demanding market, consistent automation
and intensified digitalization: this is the recipe for success, which is behind the impressive growth of the Dutch company IGS GeboJagema. EROWA has been on board as a partner for more than 30 years, starting with the ITS Tooling system.

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