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Efficiency = Saving time while increasing Precision and Quality

A Report by Mikron Tool SA Agno

A drill, a milling cutter, an ultimate machining strategy with perfectly tuned parameters; this is needed, when machining medical screws made from Titanium or Stainless Steels. Mikron Tool developed a turn-key solution, which simultaneously does the machining of hex lobular bone screws (better known as Torx®) 50% faster, guaranteeing also a high degree of precision of the profile and achieving nearly burr-free results.

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Quality Is Everything

A Report by REGO-FIX AG

IBAK is a global manufacturer of pipeline inspection equipment and systems for the sewer pipe industry, with quality the key characteristic that sets the company apart in the market. It thus pursues exactly the same strategy as clamping tool manufacturer REGO-FIX, for example, with its powRgrip system.

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Swiss Machining