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Ultimate versatility: Affolter unveils gear hobbing machine AF160

Press Release,  April 8th 2021, Malleray, Switzerland, Affolter Group


Ultimate versatility: Affolter unveils gear hobbing machine AF160

– The Swiss family enterprise Affolter Group (, a world technology leader in gear hobbing, introduces its most versatile machine to date: the AF160.

– The 8-axis CNC gear hobbing machine handles a broad range of applications to produce different kind of gears and worm screws with a module of up to 2mm. It is ideal for manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, aircraft, gearbox, medical and robotics industries.

– The state-of-the-art digital CNC Control Pegasus is user-friendly, ensures extremely fast regulation and integrates IoT. Various automation solutions facilitate flexible manufacturing of small series or high volumes with an autonomy of 12 to 24 hours.

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Press release-Starrag Vuadens SA-02/2022

Born from an ambitious challenge, our production experts – including industrialisation and quality – our application specialists, our service technicians and our construction engineers have joined forces to develop a new machining centre offering a level of performance worthy of our brand: the redesigned “191” flagship model from the Bumotec range.


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ISEM XXI again in Zürich

CIRP Conference on Electro Physical and Chemical Machining
From the 14th – 16th June 2022

For the second time in a row, it has been possible to bring ISEM back to Zurich as ISEM XXI. Thus giving due importance to Switzerland as a technology location for non-mechanical manufacturing technologies which are at the center of this conference.

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GF Machining Solutions showcases milling productivity and precision at EMO Milano 2021

Media Release, on October 4 2021, GF Machining Solutions SA


At EMO Milano 2021, GF Machining Solutions highlights two milling solutions to meet
shops’ needs for flexibility and robust performance. For five-axis machining with perfect
workpiece roundness, superior surface quality and high material removal rates, the
compact Mikron MILL P 800 U S demonstrated scalability with enhanced loading access.
For high-precision productivity in three-axis vertical milling, the Mikron MILL P 900 – now
available globally with the Heidenhain Touch Numerical Control (TNC) 640 – showed ideal
capabilities for the mold and die industry.

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GF Machining Solutions showcases new EDM solutions at EMO Milano 2021

Media Release, on october 4 2021, GF Machining Solutions SA

At EMO Milano 2021, GF Machining Solutions highlights EDM technologies designed to
help manufacturers increase productivity and accuracy. These die-sinking and wirecutting
EDM machines – along with robust solutions that target the mold and die industry
– provide operating precision, superb part quality and automated options.

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Maximum flexibility succeeds

A report by Peter Lehmann AG

Complementary CNC axes make contract manufacturer a match winner

Samuel Werder AG is a renowned contract manufacturer with a focus on precision engineering. In order to be able to respond optimally to different customer requirements in milling, many of the 38 CNC milling/drilling centers are equipped with additional, mostly two-axis CNC rotary tables from pL LEHMANN. «The machining solutions are relatively inexpensive and usually available quickly, and the five-axis capability thus gained gives us maximum flexibility,» explains Managing Director André Stäger in an on-site interview.

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