Product Innovation Module Line of HEULE: Combine existing Drill Body with Chamfering Module

Image: The new SNAP chamfering modules from HEULE can be integrated into existing drilling solutions from various manufacturers and thus provide considerable production time gains.

With the new Module Line from HEULE, existing drill bodies can be converted into combination tools. The operations of drilling and chamfering can then be carried out in just one single operation. This combination reduces the number of working steps and therefore also the process times and costs.

HEULE enables burr-free bores since 1961 thanks to its innovative solutions. The independent Swiss family-owned company is now presenting its new Module Line. The SNAP chamfering solution can now be integrated as a module into the customer’s existing drill bodies. Using this technology, the customer’s existing drilling solutions can be converted into combination tools. The combination of drilling and chamfering in one tool eliminates a process step and ensures a reduction in the required production time.

The new SNAP module is used in drill bodies from 18.0 mm bore diameter. Due to the miniaturised dimensions of the chamfering modules, they can be inserted directly behind the drill head. The drill body must be modified with a recess for housing the module, which is fixed to the drill body with a single screw. For maximum optimisation of the process time, two modules can also be integrated in one drill body, which enables higher feed rates. Despite its small dimensions, the SNAP module produces chamfers from 0.5 to 1.0 mm – depending on the bore-Ø and the blade used. These blades are prepared with material-dependent coating and can be replaced in just a few simple steps. The simple and compact design of the module is extremely user-friendly.

The mechanical, spring-controlled and proven operating principle of the SNAP system ensures a reliable process. The blade begins to cut as soon as it touches the workpiece. The chamfering size therefore remains constant, regardless of the position of the bore edge. This compensates for any height difference between the components to be machined (e.g. castings).

HEULE is therefore introducing a reliable and extremely economical alternative to existing chamfering or even combi-solutions to the market.


Note: The Module Line will be presented for the first time at the EMO in Hannover from 18th to 23rd September 2023 at the booth of HEULE Precision Tools.


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