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Modular workholding solutions since 1990

Since the formation of Triag in 1990 we have developed and produced workholding systems for the world market. Our motivation is to give our customers the best support to achieve the highest output of their investments in machine tools. All our system are developed and produced in Huenenberg Switzerland.

Modular and multiple workholding systems are still underestimated in their economic potential. But they have proven their point in many practical applications in batch production, in some cases even on small series. This is due to their modular, compact design resulting in a very high workpiece density. In spite of their compact size, the clamping force is considerable. Producers of small batches recognize the advantages of these systems mainly in the flexibility and 3D-modularity similar to the Lego system. All systems can be used to clamp smaller as well as large workpieces. Triag International offers a large range of clamping modules and also accessories. Such as pull down, linear, direct stamping modules and much more.


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    Numerous innovations in the 30-year success story of Triag International.

    3D modular and high flexible. The multiple workholding system powerCLAMP is an all-rounder in almost all areas of the CNC milling technology.

    High workholding density with microCLAMP. Small clamping modules for dedicated fixtures.

    Multiple workholding around its own axis. The 3D modular workholding system powerCLAMP as a monobloc for 4-axis machining.

    The brand new slanted base rails of powerCLAMP can be used optimally in 5-axis machining.

    Multiple workholding and 5-axis machining. These are the special features of the " Sputnik I ". Longer running times and increased efficiency guaranteed.

    Fast, precise and powerful clamping thanks to our direct stamping technology!

    Our vibration damping, light epoxy mineral tombstones in best combination with the modular multiple workholding system powerCLAMP.

    " Chaotic workholding " A particular term. After understanding the machining philosophy behind it, you will achieve promising results.

    3D modularity. The powerCLAMP workholding system is expandable in height, side and length.

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