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Bumotec product range

Bumotec solutions are a reference in the production of high precision multi-functional machining centers for the complete production of small workpieces.

The range of machines allows Bumotec to satisfy the demands of high volume markets with transfer machines as well as more complex niche markets using single spindle solutions.

In a single production process, 5-axis machining centers perform machining operations on 6 sides using a counter spindle. The goal is to avoid multiple production cycles for machining a complex part or to abandon the use of additional and complementary production units. The process starts from a bar or blank to a finished part produced on an single compact machine, optimizing floor space, part handling, and cycle times thus obtaining the best ratio of productivity.

From an early-stage project, customers will be supported with adapted machine configurations, time studies, and prototypes or small series to ensure a successful project. The application department will study and develop an optimized manufacturing process to get the perfect part in the shortest production time, speeding up part time-to-market as well as enhancing client’s profitability. Combining flexibility, small footprint and efficiency, Bumotec machine lines are known as being user friendly facilitating production parameters, machine setup and training.


SIP product range

Ultra-precision technology applied to the production of industrial applications in Aerospace and Transportation industries.
The product range comprises of horizontal and vertical machining centers, jig boring machines in 3, 4 and 5 axis models.
The essentials of precision start with scraping.
Highly skilled in the process of scraping, SIP specialists perform the finishing geometry adjustments on machining centers using this process, ensuring a machine that is free of all mechanical tension and a stable structure. A perfect mechanical geometry is achieved through intensive scraping. This process has earned SIP the universally acknowledged reputation as an unrivaled builder of ultra-precision machines for many years.

SIP technology is also very useful for Bumotec machines because it is extremely effective in ensuring perfect mechanical precision. We do not stack parts with electronical compensation. The goal is to provide a sound machine geometry but above all a precise geometry through mechanics. It is still today, the only way to ensure excellent repeatability and accuracy over time.











    Image gallery

    Starrag in Vuadens, production site for the Bumotec and SIP product lines

    View of the Starrag production hall in Vuadens where the 191 range is produced

    The new Bumotec 191neo machining center equipped with a latest generation HMI

    Easy to use, the new human/machine interface simplifies the configuration of data in production, and also facilitates operator training

    Easy to use, the new human/machine interface simplifies the configuration of data in production, and also facilitates operator training

    Starrag in Vuadens celebrates 210 years of experience (160 years for SIP & 50 years for Bumotec)

    Bumotec 191neo: Precision at every stage of its production

    Precision control stage during the production of a SIP 7000 center

    Bumotec 191neo producing stainless steel dental turbine head

    SIP production center at Starrag in Vuadens

    SIP 7000 including a palletizer unit

    SIP 7000 jig boring machine

    SIP 7000 jig boring machine

    Scraping requires expertise, something that SIP have been developing since the company's early years

    Bumotec 191neo 5 axis machining center – 1 plateform 12 configurations

    Bumotec 191neo 5 axis machining center – High precision machining center for complex micro parts

    Bumotec 191neo 5 axis machining center – retaking unit picking up the part to be machined on the 6th side

    Bumotec 191neo up to 90 tools in the tool changer

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