SWISSNANO: Welcome to generation X

Bolstered by the success of the SwissNano 4 and its big sister, the SwissNano 7, Tornos has decided to further extend the SwissNano range with the launch of the SwissNano 10. As its name indicates, the machine now has a 10 mm capacity, enabling the scope of available workpieces to be expanded even further. Workpiece lengths of up to 100 mm can now be machined.


Exceptional kinematics
The SwissNano range undeniably has the best kin- ematics on the market. Compact and efficient, the machine is incredibly straightforward to set up. The design of the machine allows the operator to work opposite the back spindle to facilitate setting and centring operations. The most unusual part of these kinematics is undoubtedly the counter spindle that uses three numerical axes. This makes counter spin- dle centring operations much easier. The machines’ spindles have fully optimised motors. In the work- shop, these motors allow both energy consumption and heat dissipation to be reduced. If the workshop is air-conditioned, this will result in lower energy bills. To hone the thermal properties, the spindles are equipped with a built-in cooling circuit. The spin- dles and the rotating guide bush are equipped with ceramic bearings to allow the machine temperature to be optimised.


Optimal chip management
To cope with the increase in diameter, the machine has been designed to manage the additional chip removal required. The SwissNano 10 is designed for high pressure, allowing the smallest machine on the market to tackle the most difficult challenges. Furthermore, a chip conveyor can be installed as an option. It is possible to take this even further with the Active Chip Breaker Plus (ACB Plus) software, which allows you to improve and guarantee the autonomy of your process.

A machine primed for optimisation
The configuration of the SwissNano 10 can be adapted at any time, with a huge range of options available with the machine. These options are unique to the market. Just like the SwissNano 4 or 7 model, the SwissNano 10 is designed to optimise produc- tion. Compact and economical, it offers impressive machining results. The SwissNano machine also has very short thermal loops and offers great stability, making for flawless production, often from the first part. Its highly rigid frame guarantees excellent finishes and reduces tool wear by 30 to 50% under optimal conditions.

The machining area has six linear axes – three main operation axes and three secondary operation axes.

This configuration is found on the SwissNano 4 but, as on the SwissNano 7, the tools are arranged differently:
● For main operations, the first platten offers three positions for driven tools.
● A frontal tool holder for 4 tools can be added under the counter spindle.
● For secondary operations, the machine has four tool positions, two of which can be motorised.
It is also possible to add high-frequency spindles for Torx-type micro-milling operations.

The machine’s strength lies in its modularity; it can be adapted to numerous markets. For example, in the medical and dental sectors, a thread whirler and a radial drill, or an angle tool post with two frontal tool holders, can be added. But the SwissNano 10’s flexibility is not restricted to the medical sector. The machine is also equipped to service the electronics industry. A polygon tool can be installed for both main and secondary operations to boost capabilities. The SwissNano 10 also enables the range of machinable watch parts to be expanded compared to the SwissNano 4. A gear hobbing device can be added for both main and secondary opera- tions, enabling high-added-value parts, for example, a sliding pinion, to be produced very easily, whilst expertly managing chip removal.

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