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The foundations of current worldwide linear motion technology
were laid by the first linear guideways developed by
SCHNEEBERGER, which has been making linear motion
products for more than 90 years ago.

SCHNEEBERGER is unique in the global linear motion
technology market. We are an independent, medium-sized
company and this forms the basis for a dynamic, customeroriented
and correspondingly successful business strategy.

In addition to standard components, SCHNEEBERGER
manufactures complete systems, often consisting of a range
of SCHNEEBERGER components.
When we build complete systems, our customers benefit
from our expertise in developing and producing components.
Only because we manufacture these components ourselves
are we in a position to perfect them for use alongside each
other. And conversely; because we also build complete systems,
we know the requirements our components must fulfill
to ensure that they can perform their function in complex
systems. The production depth of SCHNEEBERGER is unique
on the market, just as the resulting benefit for our customers
are not seen anywhere else.

«To get customers to always think of us first when facing unsolved challenges in linear motion. We create partnerships with our customers through the products we manufacture and services we offer! »

Mission Statement
«Because we are a global family owned business with a sound financial and technological foundation along with a highly motivated workforce, we can offer a substantial contribution to the overall success of our customers. Our top quality-high precision products, delivery and reliability all play an essential role in the successful development, manufacturing and marketing of products geared towards the future.»

Our values
«High precision, innovative and reliable»


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