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Reiden Technik AG

An independent Swiss company with a long tradition

For more than 150 years, REIDEN machine tools have been built in line with Swiss quality and value philosophy at our production location in Reiden. To remain able to engineer high-quality machine tools also in the future and thus to present practical solutions for specific requirements, we rely on tried and tested technology and innovation.

We rely on tradition and progress. Rely on us!

With our loyal, qualified employees, we have specialised over the years in the manufacture of machinery that is adapted to the needs of our customers. The key to our success is the ability to manufacture products — at this size of business — that are technically distinct from the products of our competitors.

The strategic success factor of the company is not only explicit in our products. It is also inherent in our ability to produce machine tools flexibly and tailor-made to meet the special demands of our customers.

A fair partner for our customers

We strive to achieve a leading position as a machine tool manufacturer in our target markets. With innovative and thorough technical solutions as well as excellent services, we provide top services in the field of machine tools.

Maximum quality, absolute precision and reliability are the basic requirements for each order that we deliver.

We want to live up to our good reputation as a machine tool manufacturer by delivering good and competent service to our customers.

Our values vis-à-vis our employees

Our company actively promotes the knowledge and skills of its employees and strives to implement and maintain their know-how. Through solid training, we create sustainable future employment opportunities for our young professionals.

We seek to maintain and secure Switzerland as a production location also in future. We offer our employees secure employment, modern employment conditions and competitive remuneration.


Image Brochure

Image Brochure

Product Brochure BFR2

Product Brochure BFR2

Product Brochure RX10

Product Brochure RX10

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Product Brochure RX12

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Product Brochure RX14_RX18

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio


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    REIDEN BFR2, 5-axis machining

    REIDEN RX10, 5-axis machining

    REIDEN RX18 turning

    REIDEN RX18 gear milling

    REIDEN RX18 fir tree milling

    REIDEN RX10 gear milling

    Drill bit machining

    Mould and die milling

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