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Management team

With his many years of experience as CEO in the field of cutting tools, his technical background from application technology to research and development and his many years of sales experience, Mr. Beat Kaufmann was entrusted by the Executive Board in May 2019 with the task of leading the DIAMETAL Group into the future.
With a total of 19 years of service at DIAMETAL, Mr. Frédéric Marin (CTO) stands for continuity as head of the research and development department.
Mr Florian Wenger (CFO) since 2021 and Mr Farid Hakimi (COO) since 2018 complement our management team as proven specialists. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we have expanded our team with Mr. Alexandre Trachsel (CSO) and Mr. Sergio Galantino (CPO & Marketing). DIAMETAL can count on these two recognised experts and specialists in our industry.

Trust & Environment

We maintain an open relationship with our customers and suppliers, supported by a trusting cooperation. We consider this as a necessary requirement for the continuous improvement of our common interests.
We believe that our environment is an asset that must be protected. We use our resources intelligently by manufacturing environmentally friendly products and applying equally environmentally- friendly processes. DIAMETAL is certified according to ISO 14001:2015.


As mentioned above, DIAMETAL has an experienced, competent and complementary management team.

We assure a constant and sufficient profitability to ensure the self-financing of our future investments.


Current competences:
Competent in these three business units, we have a comprehensive and unique expertise in the production of cutting tools at our disposal. Through the development and manufacture of our own diamond and CBN grinding wheels, our Swiss Cutting Tool division constantly and directly benefits from the innovations and know-how of the Abrasifs division and vice versa.

Development policy:
The cooperation between DIAMETAL and the customer often begins long before the purchase of a tool, even before the determination of the machining cycle and before defining the tools. The challenge begins when the customer presents a part that he wants to produce cost-effectively on his machine.
We constantly develop new technologies and adapt our products to the needs of the market.

Distinctive features:
In order to offer our customers complete solutions, DIAMETAL has just opened its brand new
application and technology centre. Latest generation CNC machines dedicated exclusively to prototyping and customer expertise, enable us to offer machining expertise to our customers.

Production management and organisation

We manufacture high-performance tools and abrasives that we distribute worldwide. It is our duty to make technical progress in the production technology and in the products, as well as to ensure a high level of quality.

DIAMETAL is in the process of setting up a production organisation based on LEAN and 5S elements. Combined with the great versatility of our employees, we are able to adjust our priorities from week to week.

Organisation of the production flow:
We are organised in production units according to product family and type of activity. Our «OneStep»
approach in a single set-up should enable us to significantly reduce our lead times.

Compliance with delivery times:
Meeting deadlines is an integral part of our customer-oriented strategy and the commitment of all our employees.

Quality standard:
At DIAMETAL, every employee assumes a high degree of responsibility and thus contributes to maintain our quality standards. Open and collegial communication characterizes our cooperation.
Organization of the quality system

DIAMETAL is certified according:
to ISO9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015. The quality of our products and services is a constant concern for us. A permanent committee ensures that internal processes are monitored and questioned.


Thanks to continuous investment in our production tool, DIAMETAL now has more than 50 CNC machines in the field of tool grinding. Supplemented by machines in the field of electric discharge machining, honing or polishing, we offer a wide range of solutions.

Long-term policy:
DIAMETAL is reinforcing its long-term strategy by having invested substantial sums in 2019 and 2020 in our infrastructures in Biel (new production flow, ventilation and air-conditioning for all production departments) and in Oltingue, Alsace (new production flow, building overhaul).

Strategic vision

Ability and willingness for further development:
DIAMETAL is an indispensable partner in the field of cutting tools and super abrasives. We also maintain our Wear Parts department to remain competent and productive in the machining of super hard materials.

Medium and long-term vision:
The vision of the DIAMETAL Group is that of a long-term prosperous and productive company that acts in the interests of its shareholders, employees and partners as well as in the interests of the regions and communities in which it is located.


You benefit from a dedicated and prioritised service with direct access to our sales and technical resources : sales@diametal.com or www.diametal.com.

Technical exchange:
All our representatives have technical training to advise you on the selection and the use of tools. In addition, we offer you direct contact with our application engineers, if required.

Price policy

Our prices are based on the performance of our products. We are constantly working on our productivity to secure our markets and improve the added value for our customers.