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Our grinding and laser machines are used worldwide by customers working in the indexable insert production. Being so close to the market allows us to identify changes and market developments and thus drive innovation forward where needed. This makes us the market leader with the most innovative and consistent portfolio of machines for the industrial processing of indexable inserts. What sets Agathon machines apart is their user-friendliness combined with the high level of autonomy. Agathon machines can be configured to suit customer needs, making them maximally productive for several applications. The wide range of Hard- and software options is compatible with all our machines and offers our customers advanced digital processes.

Agathon Care 360
Agathon machines should operate efficiently and reliably for as long as possible, this is why we offer high Agathon quality regular maintenance and inspection services by trained Agathon technicians. Our Aftersales Service Team provides professional support with all technical issues and solves problems quick and easy, whether on site or online. Care 360 offers our customers access to freely selectable service packages that eases operational planning, increases reliability as well as autonomy and provides productivity another boost.

Our Precision-Parts are used in mechanical engineering, mold construction and punching tools. They impress with their outstanding material quality, high surface quality, extremely tight tolerances and long live cycle. Our fine centering units, which enable high-precision and friction-free centering, wins users with their first-class quality and durability. In-tool assembly is very simple and extremely space-saving, which significantly increases design freedom in toolmaking. With Precision-Parts from Agathon, maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness are guaranteed.

We are headquartered in Bellach, Switzerland and employ around 250 people worldwide, of which around 230 are based in Bellach.

Thanks to our own sales and service subsidiaries in North America, China, Germany and India as well as a close-knit global network of distribution partners, we are always close to our customers.


Product brochure

Product brochure


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