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More than one century, for four generations, the AFFOLTER family business has been developing and handing down its expertise and experience within the industrial sector of microtechnology.
The AFFOLTER Group is based in Valbirse (Bernese Jura) in over four different sites. The company conducts its operations across 8,000 m2 of industrial space,spread that features modern and functional facilities.

Because you need to produce precision gears in small or large runs, our CNC Gear Hobbing Machines are the machines you needs!
It can be used for gear cutting of spur, helical, conical, or bevel on gears, pinions, shafts, cylinders, wheels, and worms up to a module size of 2.0 with external, internal hobbing and worm srew process.


Precision, flexibility, and productivity are the benefits you get from these compact cutting-machines for gear hobbing applications based on customised numerical control.
Entirely developed and manufactured in house by our engineers, our range of CNC Hobbing machines is able to improve your production requirements and help you serve microtechnology sectors.
Used in servo motors and by the watchmaking, aircraft, automotive, micromechanics, robotics, and dentistry industries, our CNC Hobbing machines for cutting microtechnology gears are noted for their productivity, precision, and innovation.

Solutions for numerical controls
We offer you a complete turnkey solution.
More than ever, customization is essential that’s why our BECKHOFF integration software solution for CNC machines and PLC automation is no exception to the rule, quite the contrary.
Integrate an existing BECKHOFF solution into a CNC production machine, such as bar turning machines, cutters, milling machines or other production units. You just have to customize the digital control as well as the HMI control software according to your needs.
It’s more than a skill – it is real expertise.

Services and solutions adapted to your needs
We offer you decades of experience of customer service. So you benefit not only from the finest production equipment but also from a fantastic all-round service, as tooling configurations, set-up work-out, productivity calculations, feasibility studies and training courses.

AFFOLTER offers CNC cutting machines with turnkey performance and technology!


    Image gallery

    Affolter AF90 - compact CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

    Affolter AF100 plus - versatile CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

    Affolter AF160 - stiffness CNC Gear Hobbing Machine








    Gear hobbing brass spur gears with automatic loading system

    Gear cutting helicals gears with automatic loading system

    Gear hobbing wheels gears with automatic loading system

    Extremely fast production without loss of time during loading and unloading thanks to the conveyor belt and the double grippers of the automat.

    Gears and cogwwheels mass productivity

    Gear cutting helical gears with skiving process

    Gear hobbing gears with automatique linear loader system, load and unload gears extremely faster

    Inhouse IHM software, convenient and fully safety panel control for setup and production

    AF45 Loader system with stack magazine

    AF20 drum loader for Watch Industry

    AF45 Loader system with vibratory bowl

    AF45 Loader system with conveyor

    Gear hobbing wheels in mass productivity thanks to industrial robot

    Gear hoobing spur and cogwheels gears up to module 1.5mm

    Affolter’s main company building

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